Equity & Inclusivity Strategic Planning Survey

Dear Cranford Township Community - 


We hope this correspondence finds you and yours remaining safe, healthy, and strong. The recent abhorrent events to which we have all been witness are starkly representative of the persistent racism, intolerance, and hate that continues to rip at the soul of our great nation. George Floyd’s death as well as other recent tragedies makes clear to all of us that racism continues to exist and must be obliterated.  


While we have made progress, we must confront the sad truth that we have fallen short in our efforts to obliterate racism and intolerance in our own community.  Together, we must do more to address the systems, organizations and acts that perpetuate such, and ensure that every member of the Cranford community is genuinely respected, accepted, and treated with the equality and dignity that they deserve as human beings. Together, we must remain steadfast in our stance that Cranford is intolerant of racism and hate, and, therefore, take every action necessary to abolish it.  


To this end, Cranford Township is embarking upon an Equity and Inclusivity Initiative. In short, the purpose of this initiative is to come together as a community to 1) examine and identify current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that will advance our efforts; 2) determine a shared vision of inclusivity for our community; and 3) formulate a strategic plan, inclusive of goals, objectives, and actionable steps that will, ultimately, realize our vision for an equitable and inclusive community.


Essential to our success is the comprehensive representation and full participation of the Cranford Township community. Given such, all members of the Cranford Township community will have input in the process through multiple means and opportunities, including surveys, information sessions, review and feedback periods, municipal and BOE meetings and other related experiences. On behalf of the Cranford Township Equity and Inclusivity Committee, it is with great excitement that we invite your participation in the following important opportunities:


  1. Strategic Planning Opportunity. A Cranford Township Equity and Inclusivity Strategic Planning Steering Committee as well as multiple subcommittees that will provide opportunities for the community to be active in this effort will be established.


  1. In order to achieve optimal results, the strategic planning process must be effectively planned and well-orchestrated. Therefore, an Equity and Inclusivity Strategic Planning Survey will be administered. This online survey will provide initial information to inform the initiative; it requires approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Specifically, the survey will help to formulate a list of civic (grass root) organizations within the Township that are established and/or anticipate formation that are attempting to individually address the issues associated with racism, so as to connect similarly focused individuals, and allow the Township and other organizations the benefit(s) of collective knowledge and different perspectives so as to move towards the vision of (for) an equitable and inclusive community. Please make sure you are in a location and on a device that provides reliable internet connection. Should you get disconnected at any time during its completion, simply return to the link and it should resume at the last question completed.  The Equity and Inclusivity Strategic Planning Survey will be available from July 2 - July 31 . Please do take advantage of this opportunity, as your perspective, insights and feedback are most valued and appreciated.


  1. The Talk: The first of a series of Conversations on Racism. This special launching event will invite all members of the Cranford Township community to come together to engage in a structured conversation on racism, one that will provide an opportunity to exchange perspectives, foster a greater sense of empathy, and envision a desired future for Cranford Township. The Talk is scheduled to take place on July 16 at 7:00 pm.  TV 35 will broadcast the event and it will also be streamed through the TV 35 Facebook page.  


In closing, please do know that your participation will be of great value to this most important initiative. We do hope for and encourage your participation.




Cranford Township Committee, Cranford Board of Education, NAACP, the Cranford Clergy Council, and additional concerned citizens